We have tried to provide you with useful information about the wayfinding, signage & sign system products designed and manufactured by Wm. Whiteley Limited. In addition, we have also included some general information on the function and fundamentals of signage in the hope that this may assist you in selecting the appropriate signage for your project or facility.




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As we begin our 38th year of operation, I am proud to look back on our many accomplishments. Among others, we were one of the first wayfinding and signage companies to design & develop a sign system built around the concept of ‘owner controlled changeability’. Our Magpi Sign System, developed in 1997 & introduced at IIDEX ’98 where it won the award for design innovation, is already celebrating 17 years in production. We strive to create effective and professional signage options to match any customer's needs.

It takes more than one person to make up a team. In the case of Wm. Whiteley Limited, we have a big team and on it are our many customers, our suppliers and our dedicated employees. Our sincere thanks for your support over the past years. We look forward to the pleasure of continuing to work with you all.

I welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and experience with you on current projects. Please contact me directly for RFP/RFQ, Tenders and Proposals.

Bill Whiteley, AOCAD
Industrial Designer

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