Informational Signage

Our informational sign systems are signs that distribute information concerning names of staff personnel, the name of the company, department or even a room. These signs are also used to distribute information about floor plans, to display pictures, directories, notices, schedules and regulations. Since this type of sign often needs to be updated on a regular basis, i.e., is changeable, you might consider using the tablet sign system. Once you have decided that you want to implement a wayfinding sign program for your facility, we will present you with a Wayfinding Sign Program Proposal. This proposal will outline a five step program that begins with:

  • A Sign Audit - where we will visit your facility to audit your existing sign system.
  • A New Program Plan - where we will outline a plan that best suits your facility and meets all of your needs.
  • Design and Product Selection - which selects the sign systems that best serves the plan outlined above.
  • Manufacturing and Site Preparation - we will manufacture the products and prepare the site for their installation.
  • Installation - we complete the program by installing all of the signs and show you how to use the various keys and tools to make the changes when necessary.

Informational Signage Gallery

Signs by Kind

A major part of our wayfinding program involves deciding which sign systems best suit the needs of your facility, i.e., whether or not you will need to change the information in the signs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In such a case as this you would choose a sign system that was fairly flexible or changeable. We also offer signs that can be permanent or a combination of both.

Our Informational Signage Products

Sometimes itís not easy to know what just you need or what will integrate best with what you might already have. Please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements or to get quotations on projects of any size. To consider the possibilities for changeable sign products see Switch, Tablet and Magpi. For permanent signs see Shapes.

I welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and experience with you on current projects. Please contact me directly for RFP/RFQ, Tenders and Proposals.

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Industrial Designer

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