Parking Signage

Parking Signage

In business since 1977, Wm. Whiteley Limited has designed and manufactured superior parking signage, wayfinding and sign systems for literally hundreds of projects throughout all major and industry segments. Our design-build products and wayfinding systems have been successfully used in parking projects at healthcare facilities (nursing homes, Long Term Care, and hospitals); colleges and universities; airport and transportation terminals; ` hotels; public buildings; and corporate and retail markets. Our end-to-end services include product design, outdoor wayfinding and sign system planning, graphic design, prototyping, manufacturing and installation.

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Our Parking Signage Creates a Lasting Impression

When was the last time you saw a well designed sign in a parking lot? Even though the outdoor signs you select create a lasting first impression, until now it’s been hard to do better than ‘not memorable’. Our new outdoor sign and streetscape products have changed that forever. Now parking signage, traffic control, wayfinding and regulatory notices can be good looking and still be tough and durable at the same time.

Parking Signage

Considerations for specifying parking and traffic control signs

An important consideration in selecting parking signage is to specify products which express an appropriate level of quality and relate to the architecture of the buildings or site where they are located. Speed restrictions, public safety and security issues with respect to traffic flow, crossing areas and emergency access are also key considerations. Our parking and outdoor signage products are designed to meet all regulatory and by-law requirements. We’re available to help you develop and put a sign program in place to meet the needs of the drivers and pedestrians using your facility.

What’s different about Parking Signage by Wm. Whiteley Limited?


Our Parking Signage products represent a significant upgrade in quality from the standard sign blank attached to galvanized posts. Clean looking and contemporary, these sign products are actually a pleasure to look at. Our graphic design team is available to assist in selecting readable text and/or symbols to help communicate your message clearly and understandably. Colours can either be selected from our standard range or specified to match custom requirements.

Materials and Fabrication

Our Parking Signage are a post-based system with information flags, blades or panels attached as determined by site and /or text requirements. They are fabricated using 6061-TC structural aluminum, selected for its resistance to bending. Gone are the days of ‘straps and gaps’. Components are tightly attached to support posts with stainless steel fasteners and all welds are ground flush. Painted components are powder-coated to ensure a long-lasting surface able to withstand normal weather conditions. Complementary exterior wall mount signage is also available in a similar scale and finishes in order to ensure a cohesive look to your signage and wayfinding project.


Our Parking Signage prove that quality and affordability can go hand-in-hand. We are please to provide quotations for projects of any size or volume.

Ready to Install

Our Parking Signs are height adjustable to the requirements of your parking lot and are shipped assembled and ready to install following the simple instructions provided.

Our Parking Signage Products

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