Since 1977 Wm. Whiteley Limited has designed and manufactured superior Donor Recognition Signage, wayfinding and sign systems. We have over 30 years experience working with the Interior Design, Architectural and Facility Management communities on literally hundreds of projects throughout all major and industry segments.

Donor Recognition Displays and Programs

The purpose of Donor Recognition and Display Programs includes acknowledging individual financial contributions, messaging to a potential donor base concerning the institution or facility’s ongoing need, and enhancing building esthetics through the addition of an artistic element in terms of the physical display.

Donor Recognition Signage

Development Considerations

In determining how best to address the issue of Donor Recognition, consideration should be given to the following:

  • Is the campaign completed (static) or ongoing (dynamic) and what are the implications with respect to the frequency of display updates?
  • Does the organization wish to recognize the hierarchy of donations in a physical way (i.e. size of plaque; materials used, etc) or is differentiation of this kind inappropriate?
  • What is an appropriate budget for the project given the overall financial goals of the program or campaign and the expected individual donation amounts?
  • Should commemorative donations be recognized in a unique way?
  • What esthetic issues should be considered including existing interior finishes, other artwork or furnishings and the location selected to house the display?
  • Is digital signage required to provide ongoing updates on the donor program?

Donor Recognition Sigange Project Support

We are pleased to speak or meet with you to discuss your donor recognition requirements and options.

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