Sign Holders

Sign Holders

Sign Holders Helping you manage your facility

Sign holders are frequently specified as part of an initial construction or renovation project but at other times, it's the sight of temporary notices taped to doors or in elevator lobbies or seeing visitors stopping staff to ask directions that signals a need. Regulations can also change over time - including updates to health & safety or security measures - resulting in the need to post new information. Whatever the reason, using sign holders to ensure that signage meets the needs of users, be they permanent staff, residents or visitors, is an effective way to quickly & economically improve the appearance & efficiency of your facility.

What to consider in specifying Sign Holders

Permanent or changeable text?

Depending on the purpose of the sign, the text or message may be relatively permanent over time, for example, floor numbers, washroom facilities, meeting room signs, etc. On the other hand, signs such as workstation signs, office signs including employee names & titles, etc., will probably need to be updated much more frequently. Wm. Whiteley Limited has long been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of sign holders that allow content or messages to be updated easily & inexpensively using standard office equipment. This attribute - the ability to keep content current - is the most important criteria in keeping signage functional over time.

Sign Holders Gallery

Access to Sign Inserts

Some sign inserts need to be changed often & others very rarely; some applications, such as public safety, require a high level of control & security while other sign holders may need to be easily opened by anyone. Our sign holders offer various levels of access to inserts, tamper-resistance & changeability. Depending on the sign holder selected, signs can be installed either permanently or on a temporary basis to assist in managing emergency or short-term situations such as seasonal health alerts. Our wayfinding planning team is available to help in selecting the sign types appropriate for any size of project.


Posting helpful information to assist staff & visitors doesn't have to look like an afterthought or add-on. Proven, practical & minimal, our sign holders are designed to easily integrate with any interior finishes, from contemporary to traditional.

Standard & Custom Colours and Finishes

All of our sign holders are available in standard colours & finishes as well as custom options.

Maintenance & Durability

Made from powder-coated steel and / or high quality acrylic with silk-screened borders, our sign holders are designed with ease of care in mind. Signs are tough, durable & easily maintained by cleaning & facilities staff.

Quality + Affordability = Value

We do not list prices as we can usually equal or better our competition in terms of value. Sign holders are available at a range of price points depending on intended use & we are pleased to provide quotations for jobs of any size.

Our Sign Holder Products

To consider the possibilities for changeable sign products see Switch, Tablet and Magpi. For permanent signs see Shapes and Outdoor.