Retail Signage

Retail Signage

Your business name, marketing promotions, pricing, and product information are conveyed through retail signage. Retail signage directs customers, separates products into useful categories, informs consumers, and sells the product. With the right sort of signage customers can find what they’re looking for, get the right pricing information and learn about the product itself. The question is: are you getting these messages across effectively?

Wm. Whiteley Limited offers retail signage for use both in existing and new buildings. We have 30 years experience working with the retail industry on hundreds of projects throughout all major industry and business segments. Our many clients include department stores, airports and transportation terminals; hotels; sports facilities and spas; office buildings; and many other retail and retail facilities. Our comprehensive services include product design, interior and outdoor wayfinding, sign system planning, graphic design, prototyping, manufacturing and installation.

Visual Branding

Whether you occupy a whole building, a floor or floors, or a smaller space, the retail signage you choose communicates a clear message about your business - about who and what you are. You may be facing the challenge of planning a new retail location or wayfinding system around a set of architectural plans, or perhaps you're looking to add to or update an existing system. Whatever the size of your project, we can work with you to ensure that you are seen the way you want to be.

Retail Signage

What a good wayfinding system can do

A good wayfinding system (including directional, informational, identification, safety and security signage) helps all building users, both permanent sales staff and customers, to save valuable time, while reducing stress and encouraging self-reliance. It also enhances building and personnel safety and security. Whatever its content or location, the fundamental purpose of signage is to help people find their way, quickly and easily, to the person, service or location they need. Our retail signage products address all four areas of retail signage from directional to information, to signs that categorize products and market them to your customers.

Directional Retail Signage

Directional signs point customers to your place of business. We offer directional signage ranging from billboards that can direct customers from long distances away from your place of business, to effective entrance signs that give your customers their first impression of your business. While these outdoor signs are responsible for a creating a lasting first impression, it's always been difficult to select something distinctive. Until now. Wm. Whiteley Limited's new directional signage and streetscape products - including parking signs, traffic control, and mandatory regulatory notices - set new standards for retail signage. Good entrance signs prepare your customers for the shopping experience by creating a sense of anticipation and expectation. Entrance signs that are friendly and attractive tells customers that your business is eager to serve and to make the best deal possible. Other directional signs can include signs for restrooms, elevators, new products, sale discounts, stairs and the exit and checkout areas.

Informational and Marketing Signage

Informational signage describes the product for the consumer, while marketing signage helps to sell the product. Informational signs can help to categorize products into organized collections so that they are easy to locate. They provide details on how to use the product and how to take care of it. Informational signs can include banners, handouts, maps, cards attached to the product or located somewhere beside it, pricing tags, and tags describing how the product works or would look in a specific setting. We also provide signs for attracting customers to your products including bulletin boards, brochure racks and holders, chalkboards, and notice boards. These marketing signs should be easy to set up, move around and to take down. This makes them ideal for advertising special deals for the week or month.

Based on its content and purpose, retail signage may have text that is unlikely to change over time, for example, floor numbers, washroom facilities, meeting room signs, etc. On the other hand, signs such as checkout signs, office signs including staff names and titles, etc., may require more frequent updating. Wm. Whiteley Limited designs and manufactures signs and sign systems which can accommodate the need for both permanent as well as changeable text. Our changeable signs are designed to hold paper inserts which can be updated virtually instantaneously using on site computers and printers. Let us work with you to develop a sign schedule identifying the types and content of signs required for your project.

Our Retail Signage Products

To consider the possibilities for changeable sign products see Switch, Tablet and Magpi. For permanent signs see Shapes and Outdoor.