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office signage

Wm. Whiteley Limited designs and manufactures office signage, wayfinding and sign systems for both existing and new facilities. We have 30 years experience working with the Interior Design, Architectural and Facility Management communities on literally hundreds of projects and throughout all major industry and business segments. Over the past five years alone we have successfully completed well over 100 interior signage projects.

What does 'Office Signage' include?

Office Signage is a broad term which may be used to describe signage displaying directional, informational, or identification details. Office signage may also include signs designed to highlight safety and security issues as well as temporary conditions such as health alerts, special events and meetings. Whatever its content, the fundamental purpose of office signage is to help both permanent staff and visitors find their way quickly and easily to the person, service or location they need.

Whether you're large or small...

Whether you occupy a whole building, a floor or floors, or a smaller space, when someone walks into your office you want them to know loudly and clearly who and what you are. You may find yourself facing the challenge of planning a new office or wayfinding system around a set of architectural plans or perhaps you're looking to add to or update an existing system. Whatever your situation - whether you're large or small, expert or novice - Wm. Whiteley Limited have office signage and a support team with the skills and design-build experience necessary to ensure the success of your project.

Permanent or Changeable?

Based on its content or purpose, office signage often includes text that rarely changing over time, i.e., floor numbers, washroom facilities, meeting room signs, etc. On the other hand, signs such as workstation signs, office signs including employee names and titles, etc., may require more frequent updating. Wm. Whiteley Limited designs and manufactures signs and sign systems which can accommodate the need for both permanent as well as changeable text. Our changeable signs are designed to hold paper inserts which can be updated virtually instantaneously using your own office computers and printers.

Please consider the list below and our recommendations regarding the selection of permanent vs. changeable signage. Depending upon the size and needs of the facility, your office signage project may require some or all of the following:

Sign Types

Permanent Signage

Changeable Signage

Office & Feature Signage
Corporate Identity X  
Main Lobby Directory   X
Floor Directory   X
Elevator Directory   X
Directional   X
Departmental   X
Suite Number X  
Boardroom X  
Meeting Room X  
Meeting Room Slider X  
(In Use / Vacant)    
Meeting Room Schedule Holder   X
Office   X
Workstation (All Systems)   X
Reception Desk   X
Washroom/Restroom X  
Lunchroom / Cafeteria X  
Photo Copy X  
Printing X  
Wellness X  

General Signage



Storage X  
Electrical X  
Mechanical X  
Elevator Mechanical X  
Stairwell X  
Emergency Exit X  
Evacuation Plans X X
Hours of Operation X X

Our Office Signage Products

To consider the possibilities for changeable sign products see Switch, Tablet and Magpi. For permanent signs see Shapes and Outdoor.