Hospital Signage

Hospital Signage

As designers and manufacturers of hospital signage, wayfinding and sign systems, Wm. Whiteley Limited is proud of its 30 year relationship with the healthcare industry. During the past decade alone, over 80 projects have been successfully completed at healthcare facilities including clinics, nursing homes, Long Term Care and hospitals.

What a good wayfinding system can do…

A good wayfinding system (including directional, informational, identification, and safety and security signage) helps all facility users, both permanent staff and visitors, to save valuable time, while reducing stress and encouraging self-reliance. It also enhances building and personnel safety and security.

Challenges faced by Healthcare Facilities in specifying signage…

Multiple User Groups

Signage specified for hospitals must give the total facility a cohesive and coordinated appearance while, at the same time, meeting the potentially divers or unique requirements of multiple user groups including:

  • Management and staff
  • Doctors and other professionals
  • Patients or residents
  • Visitors
  • Suppliers & other service providers

Hospital Signage

Frequent Updating Required

Many signs required by hospitals require constant updating (i.e. nursing station "On Duty" notices; daily & weekly menu boards; activity boards; notices advising of special or temporary/emergency conditions, etc). Ease of updating, ongoing costs, & security of contents are critical considerations in selecting hospital signage (see Permanent or Changeable below).

Ease of Maintenance

'Heavy traffic. Hard usage.' pretty much describes what hospital signage needs to be able to withstand on a daily basis. Signs must be hard wearing, tamper resistant, easily cleaned and maintained, and compatible with products required for infection control.

Regulatory, Building Code & Accessibility Compliance

The most fundamental purpose of any hospital is to support patients or residents who are vulnerable or have special needs. Discharging this responsibility demands strict compliance with all relevant federal, provincial or state, and municipal regulations.

Why choose Hospital Signage by Wm. Whiteley Limited?

Industrial and healthcare designer Bill Whiteley has created a range of interior and exterior sign products renowned for their functionality, esthetic simplicity and user-friendly attributes. These products can be used individually or as a base from which to build a complete wayfinding program.

  • Complete Hospital Signage - Indoors & Outdoors
    Our indoor and outdoor signage systems offer comprehensive identity and wayfinding systems including signs designed to support information, direction, identification and safety and security needs.
  • Help & Support Available
    Whether you need assistance in defining your requirements or in ensuring that the signage you select is customized to reinforce your identity, our experienced staff is available to work with you to ensure the success of your project.
  • Appearance
    Our sign systems include both permanent and changeable options. Proven, practical and minimal, our sign products are designed to easily integrate with any interior finishes, from contemporary to traditional.
  • Ease of Updating
    One of the most common sights in any building is a piece of paper taped up to redirect traffic because a replacement sign either hasn't been ordered or delivered. Our interior sign products include a range of options based on changeable inserts which can be produced quickly, easily, and economically using on site computers.
  • Affordable
    Our government signs are proof that quality and affordability can go hand-in-hand. We are pleased to provide quotations for projects of any size.
  • Standard and Custom Colours and Finishes Available
    We offer standard colours and finishes as well as custom options.
  • American Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant
    Our signs can be manufactured to meet ADA standards & other barrier free requirements for hospitals including raised letter and pictograms, contrasting colours, Grade 2 Braille, installation height, etc.
  • Maintenance and Durability
    Made from powder-coated steel and / or high quality acrylic with silk-screened borders, our office signs are designed with ease of care in mind. Signs are tough, durable and easily maintained by cleaning and facilities staff.
  • Ready to Install
    Both interior and outdoor signs are shipped assembled and ready to install following the simple instructions provided.

Permanent or Changeable

Based on its content or purpose, hospital signage may have text that is unlikely to change over time, for example: lobby directories, room numbers and department identification, mandatory safety and security information, floor numbers, washroom facilities, parking and traffic flow information, etc. On the other hand, signs such as workstation signs, nurse station signs including employee names and titles, signs advising of temporary conditions, etc may require more frequent updating. Wm. Whiteley Limited designs and manufactures signs and sign systems which can accommodate the need for both permanent and changeable text. Our changeable signs are designed to hold paper inserts which can be updated virtually instantaneously using on site computers and printers. Let us work with you to develop a sign schedule identifying the types and content of signs required for your project.

Our Hospital Signage Products

To consider the possibilities for changeable sign products see Switch, Tablet and Magpi. For permanent signs see Shapes and Outdoor.