Commercial Signage

Commerical Signage

For the local small business and large corporate community, Wm. Whiteley Limited offers commercial signage, wayfinding and sign systems. With over 30+ years experience working with the corporate community on literally hundreds of projects, we offer end-to-end services including product design, wayfinding and sign system planning, graphic design, prototyping, manufacturing and installation.

What does Commercial Signage' include?

Signage is a broad term which may be used to describe signs displaying directional, informational, or identification details. It may can also include signs designed to highlight safety and security issues as well as temporary conditions such as health alerts, special events and meetings. Whatever its content, the fundamental purpose of Commercial Signage is to help both permanent staff and visitors find their way quickly and easily to the person, service or location they need.

Commercial Signage

Whether you're big or small...

Whether you occupy a whole building, a floor or floors, or a smaller space, the signage you choose communicates loudly and clearly about who and what your company is all about. You may find yourself facing the challenge of planning a new office or wayfinding system around a set of architectural plans or perhaps you're looking to add to or update an existing system. Whatever your situation - whether you're large or small, expert or novice - Wm. Whiteley Limited has the skills and design-build experience necessary to ensure the success of your project.

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Commercial Signage - Permanent or Changeable?

Based on its content and purpose, Business Signage may have text that is unlikely to change over time, for example, floor numbers, washroom facilities, meeting room signs, etc. One the other hand, signs such as workstation signs, office signs including employee names and titles, etc., may require more frequent updating. We design and manufactures signs and sign systems which can accommodate the need for both permanent as well as changeable text. Our changeable signs are designed to hold paper inserts which can be updated virtually instantaneously using on site computers and printers. Let us work with you to develop a sign schedule identifying the types and content of signs required for your project.

Outdoor Commercial Signage - First Impressions Count

When was the last time you saw a beautiful looking business park or building entrance? Even though outdoor business signage creates a lasting first impression, it's always been difficult to select something distinctive. Until now. Wm. Whiteley Limited's new Outdoor Signage - including parking signs, traffic control, and mandatory regulatory notices - set new standards for outdoor and business signage.

Our Outdoor Signage is a structural aluminium post based system with information flags, blades or panels attached as determined by site and/or text requirements. Great graphic design, weather resistant powder coating in standard or custom colours, and superb attention to finishing details (such as all stainless steel hardware) make our signs truly a pleasure to look at. And best of all, they're height adjustable and shipped ready to install. Complementary exterior wall mount signage is also available in a similar scale and finishes in order to ensure a cohesive look to your wayfinding or commercial signage project.

Our Commercial Signage Products

To consider the possibilities for changeable sign products see Switch, Tablet and Magpi. For permanent signs see Shapes and Outdoor.